Adam Smith

Fees & Charges

Fees and charges

At Adam Smith we do not charge an establishment fee or account keeping fees.

The only fees we charge relate to missed and late payments. However, if you have trouble with repayments, please call us so we can make a suitable arrangement.

Our debt processing fees are:


Missed payment: $25.00
Dishonor: $25.00
Arrears notice: $12.00
Debt recovery phone call: $7.00
Debt recovery field visit: $50.00 per/hr
Credit reference default: $20.00
Debt recovery SMS: $7.00
Enforcement expenses: At-cost
Default notice fee: $15.00


We are determined not to penalise you for being a good client.

Changes to this arrangement
This policy is subject to changes and all current clients will be informed by mail, email and SMS of any changes at least one month in advance.