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Continuing Credit Explained

You only pay interest on the outstanding amount of the loan. There are no additional fees and charges to open the account, use the account or close the account.

If you take a loan of  $1000 over 26 weeks, your weekly repayment will be $43.36 per week. Total interest over the loan will be $127.11, with an APR of 48%. (This is an example only, exact pricing will be available at the time of application)

If you pay more than the scheduled payment and you finish paying your loan earlier than scheduled, the interest will be less. (Interest is calculated daily).

APR (‘Annual Percentage Rate’) calculations rely on factors, such as the amount and the period of the loan. Please call one of our consultants if you require further clarification. All loans are TAP (To Approved Persons) and subject to our lending policy and suitability assessment.