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Picking a great value holiday doesn’t need to be difficult, planning to travel can often become time consuming and overwhelming. Below is our 8 step guide to creating the perfect getaway!

1.    Set yourself a budget

Figuring out a budget prior to your holiday will help to calculate how much money you will need to save. Researching flights, accommodation, activities and daily allowance for each country will provide you with a rough idea on how much money you will need. It is always a good idea to over budget for any emergencies or surprises you may encounter.

2.   Choose the destination

  • The first step to planning your holiday is to choose a travel destination that suits your budget and Interests.

Do you want to travel domestically or explore overseas? Either way, you want to have a fun, relaxed and memorable time and not spend your time worrying about money.

3.  Type of holiday

  • Cruises are great one stop holidays with all-inclusive food, accommodation and drinks.

  • Package holidays are some of the easiest trips to go on as they often include flights, accommodation and transfers.

  • Exotic retreats allow you to just relax and rejuvenate. As you visit a destination that is away from everything.

  • An Adventure Holiday is perfect for thrill seekers, who enjoy activities such as white-water rafting, mountain biking and rock climbing.

  • Backpacking tend to be good for people who enjoy travelling for long periods of time to plenty of different destinations.

  • Beach holidays are perfect for everyone, allowing you to lounge around in the sun all day with fantastic views.

City breaks provide an opportunity to get away for a short period of time whilst still experiencing different surroundings, food and drink.

4.  When to go?

Once your chosen destination and type of holiday has been decided, it is important to consider when to go.

  • High Season

  • Peak travel periods

  • Crowds

  • Bad weather conditions

5. Booking flights

Things to consider when booking your flights:

  • Plan your trip so you can reach your destination as quickly as possible

  • Of course, search around to find the cheapest flights possible

  • Go direct to the airlines, as many airlines have lower fares only available on their own site

  • To avoid credit card and transactions fees opt for using BPAY (if offered)

6.  Accommodation

Accommodation is a major travel expense, it is important to choose somewhere that meets your needs at the best price.


  • Look at third party sites, they are user-friendly and offer price comparisons

  • Always read online reviews, you can learn from other travellers exactly what the hotel is like

  • Consider contacting the hotel directly through email or phone to see if they can do a better rate than you have found

  • Check parking availability and cost

  • Check if the hotel has an airport shuttle 


  • Don’t be mistaken by fake reviews

  • Don’t forget to check out the amenities

  • Don’t forget to check the actual location of the hotel  


7.  Planning your itinerary:

It is a good idea to plan your itinerary around the main reasons why you are going on holiday.  For example:

  • Sight seeing

  • Exploring

  • New experiences

  • Food

  • Visiting family

  • Spend time with friends

  • Discovering new cultures

  • Relaxing

This can help give you a rough idea on what kind of activities and attractions you will be undertaking when on holiday. Make sure to do lots of research to find the must-see attractions, plan ahead and book any necessary experiences you would like.

8. Things to remember when packing:

  • Make a list

  • Know your airlines baggage policy

  • Roll your clothes

  • Keep your liquids in a separate bag

  • Save bag space for holiday purchases

  • All valuables go in hand luggage

  • Don’t forget adapters

  • Don’t forget a first aid kit

  • Check the weather

  • Medication

  • Cash

  • Spare credit card

  • Take spare pair of clothes with your carry on, in case you luggage doesn’t arrive in time

  • Pack appropriately to the activities you will be doing

Putting in the effort will ensure each holiday will be better than the last. Enjoy!

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