How It Works

1.  You must be living and working in the sydney METROPolitan area

 phone: 1300 12 1300

 Please ensure you also include a copy of your most recent pay slip and your bank        statements for the last 3 months, as required by Govt regulations.

2.   Your loan is assessed and approved

Your application will be assessed quickly. Our lending decisions are made by staff with over 20 years experience.

We base our decisions on simple common sense, and we will talk with you for any clarification.

Once approved, we will contact you to arrange a mutually suitable time for you to attend our office.

We will formally explain the simple contract terms and conditions, and answer any last minute questions that you may have.

For all first time loans, the loan documents must be signed at either of our offices.

Once established and as a returning customer the process is a lot more streamlined                                                               and there is no need to attend our office

3.   Receive funds  -  Money is transferred into your nominated bank account that day.


Apply now and we can help make a real difference to your financial circumstances.