About Us

Adam Smith Pty Limited has been proactive in the Sydney Metropolitan Area since  1930 - our age speaks for itself. 

Our history and solid reputation is evidenced by the longevity of the Company, and the fact that many a borrower continues their association with us as they need help. Besides providing our customers with a quick service, our loans are affordable and very competitively priced - Check out the others 1st before you decide.

The Business has consolidated since its early days and we currently have two offices, the Sydney CBD and the Parramatta CBD, we have maintained a focus on short term unsecured cash advances, with an emphasis on personable, confidential, honest and a transparent service.

Our Company established in 1930, tends to work on relationships and trust. If you need some finance, we look at your application and make decisions on its merits, not let a computer score or some “algorithm” decide if you’re good enough.

We base our decisions on simple common sense, and will talk with you for any clarification.