Adam Smith

Responsible lending

Responsible lenders

Adam Smith maintains the highest level of responsible lending. Our staff are vigilant and maintain a close relationship with our clients. Your financial health is important to us and we are always conscious of the responsibilities associated with lending money to individuals.

Our line of credit facilities are designed to be flexible. You should always be in control of your finances. We at Adam Smith have been around for a long time, we care about our clients. You will always be expected to be honest in your dealings with us and respectful of our regulatory restraints.

From the moment you take out a line of credit, we will attend to your requirements and security. You will always be talking to a real person.

There are no application fees or on-going account keeping fees. Our credit facilities are totally transparent with interest calculated daily, only on the balance outstanding. Our APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is 48%. The only time you receive a fee is if you dishonour or miss a payment without notice; call us first, tell us why, make an arrangement and we will make sure the late fees are not applied.

Apart from the benefits financially, you will be dealing with consultants who are personal, friendly, discreet and private.